“Being the dominant player for low volume complex castings means we need suppliers that can match the demands of our engineering complexity. That’s why we work with Alphateq. They have some of the most supportive, competent, experienced engineering talent and expertise in our industry.

Steve Roberts

Executive Manager, Prototype Engineering Dept

Grainger & Worrall LTD

“Sarginsons are renowned for doing very large high-end complex components. That’s where Alphateq fits in. Technically, they’ve got an outstanding team of knowledgeable engineers and are an exceptional supplier to work with, who you can trust 100%.”

Dave Hayden

Programme and Supply Chain Manager

Sarginsons Industries Ltd

“Alphateq are fantastic at what they do. Anything complex or unique we automatically give it to them. As their tooling is built by expert engineers, we know it’s going to be right first time because everything they do is always top notch.”

Steve Charlton

Managing Director

SAC & Co. Eng. Design Ltd

“The level of trust and confidence we place in them goes without saying, and they always go the extra mile. With their pedigree and expertise, they’re always able to produce the highest-quality tooling possible, with techniques and ideas we’ve sometimes never considered before, and in all those 20+ years, we’ve never had a tooling project they couldn’t produce, no matter how challenging.”

Mick Jenney

Managing Director

Harrison Castings Ltd

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