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We pride ourselves on creating strategic partnerships with quality OEM’s and End-Users across our industry and have valued working relationships with the individuals within those organisations. Here’s a few examples of the kinds of companies we enjoy serving:

CLIENT Testimonials

Grainger & Worrall

Grainger & Worrall is a global leader in sand casting complex metal shapes. They support projects from design consultancy, tool design and manufacture to prototype casting, finishing, machining, and assembly.

“Being the dominant player for low volume complex castings means we need suppliers that can match the demands of that engineering complexity. That’s why Alphateq’s one of our top suppliers. We know we can give them a whole project to do and they’ll handle it. Why? Because they have some of the most competent, supportive, experienced engineering talent and expertise in our industry, who you can absolutely trust to deliver what you need, when you need it – which they’ve done consistently now for over 20 years. This is all backed up with a suite of some of the finest 5 axis machines you can get. So, if you have a technically challenging project, you can always rely on Alphateq to do a first-class job.” 

Steve Roberts – Executive Manager, Prototype Engineering Dept


Sarginsons are a UK casting foundry that specialises in high integrity castings with sand, gravity and low pressure casting, alongside CNC machining, metallurgic and heat treatment expertise. Their combination of consultancy, impeccable technical control, and proven manufacturing capability delivers effective casting solutions.

“Sarginsons are renowned for doing very large high-end complex components. And that’s where Alphateq fits in perfectly. Alphateq’s complex patternmaking and gravity dies are of excellent quality. Their quality and CAD work is second to none, and can’t be praised enough, as they’ve done some phenomenal bits of kit for us over many years. Technically, they’ve got an outstanding team of knowledgeable engineers, which you can give complete jobs to, leave them to it, and I guarantee they’ll deliver exactly what you need, on time and at the agreed price, each and every time. They’re just an exceptional supplier to work with, who you can trust 100%.”

Dave Hayden – Programme and Supply Chain Manager

SAC & Co.

SAC operates with the automotive, defence, and aerospace sectors providing engineered design solutions. They supply tooling and parts to support concept or pre-production builds and drive-in drive-out classic vehicles restorations and modifications.

“We are predominantly an Automotive niche pre-production & concept company that builds, modifies, and restores low volume vehicles & items for VIP enthusiasts from all around the world. Using CAD we create and engineer parts for manufacture, then design the tooling required; Alphateq are our first choice to make the soft tooling & bucks. All I can say is Alphateq are fantastic at what they do. Anything complex or unique we automatically give it to Alphateq because we know we’ll get that extra comfort factor, where you never have to worry about it. As their tooling is built by expert engineers, who are always a pleasure to work with, we know it’s going to be right first time because everything they do is always top notch.”

Steve Charlton – Managing Director

Tata Motors

Tata Motors European Technical Centre PLC (TMETC), based in Coventry, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd. Created in 2005, as a UK-based centre of excellence for automotive design and engineering, TMETC provides research and development principally for Tata Motors but also for selected partners in the automotive industry.

“At Tata Motors my role, as General Manager for the DMO dept, is to turn car designers’ dreams into reality, from matchbox to full-size show cars, we do it all. Although we do some of this work in-house, when we need a third-party sub-contractor, we’re always happy to work with the team at Alphateq. They have the kind of reliable, skilful, experienced engineers you can really trust, simply because they have all the expertise needed to meet our high standards and quick turnaround. We always value good working relationships, technical competence, informed communications, top quality kit, outstanding machining, and a cost-effective personal service. Alphateq can always be guaranteed to deliver this and therefore create a first-class partnership.”

Russell Beecroft – General Manager-Design Modelling Operations

Harrison Castings Ltd

Harrison Castings Ltd is a specialist manufacturer of aluminium casting components. Working with Tier 1 and OEMs, they manufacture raw or fully machined aluminium sand castings and aluminium gravity die-castings from their foundry in Leicester.

“As a specialist manufacturer of aluminium foundry cast components, using sand and gravity die, I really value the importance of a key strategic supplier, which is why we’ve been working with Alphateq for 20+ years. Our friendship and working relationship, with all their team, is 100%. The level of trust and confidence we place in them goes without saying, and they always go the extra mile. With their pedigree and expertise, they’re always able to produce the highest-quality tooling possible, with techniques and ideas we’ve sometimes never considered before, and in all those 20+ years, we’ve never had a tooling project they couldn’t produce, no matter how challenging.”

Mick Jenney – Managing Director

Engineering & Developments Ltd

Engineering & Developments specialise in the manufacture of precision machined non-ferrous castings, components and assemblies, and multi axis CNC machining. They use modern technology and processes to achieve the highest standards of dimensional accuracy and material conformity, operating in the defence, aerospace, marine, oil & gas, motor sport, medical, commercial, architectural and other specialised industrial markets.

““As the Foundry Manager at EDL, making complex cast parts for Aerospace and The Ministry of Defence, coupled with my previous 15 years as manager at other foundries, I’ve fittingly come to rely on Brian Garforth and his amazing team at Alphateq. Their knowledge of cast components and patterns is profound. Not only that, but their knowledge of foundries, the different processes, equipment, and methodologies is outstanding, which is the key reason that sets them apart from the vast majority of patternmakers. Also, it’s all well and good a designer creating something onscreen but being able to actually make it is a totally different proposition, but with the advice of Brian, and his expert team, there’s never been a component we couldn’t make. Alphateq are simply in a different league to the rest.””

Lee Chase – Foundry Manager

Maycast-Nokes Precision Engineering Ltd

Maycast-Nokes is one of the most comprehensive single-site suppliers of non-ferrous castings in the UK. Operating from a modern site in Halstead they are fully equipped with the latest technology to produce machined investment castings, precision sand castings and gravity die castings of the absolute highest standard for industries including the aerospace, defence, marine and premium automotive markets.

“As a leading UK Foundry supplying the highest quality machined, finished, and assembled castings into the aerospace and defence markets, means our parts have to be of a premium quality. Therefore, the reason we use Alphateq is because it’s imperative that our patternmaking suppliers produce superb patterns, have fantastic facilities, modern machinery, and excellent CAD and technical expertise. Alphateq meet all those criteria. In fact, they’ve made patterns for our largest MoD parts, at almost 2m in length, where their quality was superb, their deliveries were band on, and their pricing was good value for money. I always enjoy visiting Alphateq as they’re a great company with an amazing team of friendly and experienced engineers”

Simon Gill – Business Development Manager

IST Power Ltd

IST Power is a renowned specialist transformer manufacturer engaged in the design, engineering, manufacture, and supply of a wide range of transformers, reactors, and other wound components up to 8MVA. IST Power has developed considerable expertise in voltages typically up to 66kV for grid systems and 250kV for test transformers supplying solutions to a diverse range of markets and applications throughout the world.

“Manufacturing high voltage, cast resin isolation transformers, we need to produce accurate polyurethane resin castings using the highest quality tooling. To achieve this we have a long association with Alphateq, and they have been producing our tooling for many years as we trust their quality and excellent technical expertise. They are a responsive friendly team who are very supportive, delivering a complete service. IST Power give them an outline dataset of each casting and they do everything else to deliver a completed tool. They can do this because they’ve taken the time to truly understand our business and requirements, with an experienced engineering team to back this all up”

Jim Donaldson  – Production Engineer

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