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Alphateq Ltd was formed in 2002 by owner and Managing Director Brian Garforth, following many years’ experiences in the design and manufacture of Tooling for the Foundry and Specialist Automotive Industries.

Initially concentrating on the supply of Patterns for high quality and development sand casting purposes, it became necessary to move into other areas, as the Foundry industry on which the company depended underwent massive restructuring and rationalisation.

Fortunately, this was at a time when the increasing importance of composite materials to industry was becoming evident, providing an ideal opportunity to branch out into other fields, as a result of which the company became involved in the design and manufacture of Models, Patterns and Moulds required for the manufacture of composite components, as well as Moulds for power generation insulation products.

This type of work has become increasingly important to the direction of the company in recent years, particularly in the fields of Automotive Body Development and Aircraft Interiors. A significant investment in additional floor area and equipment has been made, much of which is specific to our automotive development work, particularly to address the need to machine larger items.

We have also installed greater security for these confidential projects and added more variations and seats of design software to our CAD systems.

Despite diversification, Foundry Tooling is still at the heart of the business with a customer base that is no longer primarily West Midlands based but located all around the UK. Also, the supply of production tools for automated Die-Casting Plants has played an increasing role in Alphateq’s development, creating the need for a dedicated Tool Room for the machining and assembly of Dies. The manufacture of fixtures and inspection gauges is also carried out in this facility.

Alphateq currently employs 32 staff and apprentices, working in twenty-five thousand square feet of factory and office space, spread among seven adjacent modern production units.

Still looking to the future and now increasingly involved in Automotive Body Engineering and Tooling for Aerospace applications, the company is proud to include some of the UK’s most significant companies among its valued customers.

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